Sobrino de Botín

Sobrino de Botín ( nephew of Botín) is,

according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest continuously serving restaurant in the world.

Formerly known as Casa Botín , the name was changed to reflect its new owner.

Famous for its roast suckling pig and roast lamb, it has been serving meals since 1725.

Both are slow cooked over a oak wood fire in a cast iron oven that has also burned continuously since the restaurant opened.

Micky Mouse ate here or at least his creator did.

Ernest Hemingway ate here frequently and loved the table in the corner with his back to the wall!

He mentions Botín in several of his books as does James Michener but among the writers who helped make Botín famous my favorite quote comes from Graham Greene in his novel “MonseñorQuijote”.

“…I suggest that before we buy purple socks we regale ourselves with a good lunch at Botín…”

Kings and Queens have dined here.

Nancy Reagan, after lunching here, wrote a thank you note on White House stationary that would make her mother proud.

So it is only fitting that we too should dine at Botín and dine we did. But first we had a tour the building from bottom to the top

before settling in for our own feast.

No more food photos but a couple of wines worth remembering.

Definitely not from the same wine cellar we visited earlier!

Sated with food and gifted with sangria pitchers from the owner.

One might assume it was time for bed, and no, we are not going out to buy purple socks.

I remembered we were on tour with Joanna and in her world the night was young.

We had a 10:30 pm reservation to see Flamenco across the square.

Some of our group headed for bed.

I love flamenco and would stay up all night rather than miss a chance to see it again.

But flamenco should not share the stage with anyone, even the oldest restaurant in the world.

So no report until next time. Here is a tease.

Stay tuned.

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