whCamino 101. Patience and flexibility

Plans are one thing. Real life is another. The flight to Spain was 7 hours. The trip from Madrid to Irun almost twice as long.

Arrive in time for early bus but can’t buy ticket. Machine does not work. Desk does not open until 9. By 8:30 line so long we’ll miss 9:15 bus. Next bus 3pm. Next option-train. Practice flexibility.

Buy train ticket. Subway to train station.  Arrive 9:35 for 2:45 train.  Practice patience.

Take train to Valallodid. Wait hour for train to Irun. More patience.

Train to Irun stops every 15 minutes. After three hours announcement that train will stop one stop before Irun due to “track work “. Another train will come and we can get the on that. More flexibility.

All this happens as promised and at 8:30 pm we have arrived in Irun. God is good.

Hotel has cancelled us but has room. Dinner and bed. Forecast for our first day of walking.  Patience ( We will not walk tomorrow in the rain.) Flexible ( We will spend the day in Irun playing tourist.)

Bottom line. Real life doesn’t always conform to the written schedule but it usually works out.

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