Who knew?

Sept 16

Pouring rain is not the best way to begin a camino if you have a choice. We have a choice and we are flexible.   Today we will stay put and “do the town”.

First stop. What a surprise!  The bookstore. B gets a map and of our walking area and I get an updated Camino Norte guide.  (heavy and in Spanish)

Second stop. A sports store. B finds a pair of hiking sandals and we are taught how to say thank you (A scary cosco)  and goodbye ( R silent – Aoul).   When used this produces many smiles.

Third stop. The Oiasso Roman Museum- a little gem. Oiasso was the Roman name for Irun. It was an important port of the Roman Empire. Copper and silver were mined here and fruits from the Mediterranean were introduced here. This museum is a store house of information and archeological artifacts.

Last stop. The Camino Alberge ( hostel) where we get our credentials ( camino passports stamped) and are assigned beds for the night. We are in ” girls room “- two Americans , a Canadian mother and daughter, a Russian and a Finn. The alberge is overflowing and people are sleeping in the basement. 

2 thoughts on “Who knew?”

  1. Sounds like your adventure took an unexpected turn right away and you certainly made the best of it!! Hope the weather improved and you are on your way!! Love hearing from you. We are dealing with hurricanes and so far we are lucky in the northeast!!!


  2. Nancy, it sounds like you had a fruitful and interesting first day even before starting your camino.
    Can you add St. Thomas parishioners to your distribution list? I think many would be quite interested in following your peregrinations. Be well. — Willem


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