On the Rocks

The internet is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is very useful if you want to find out about something. On the other hand you may end up knowing less than before you began.

Take for example FLYSCH.

We discovered this term walking on the Camino Del Norte. FLYSCH is a type of rock we saw while walking the Camino.

We saw it and wanted to learn more and see more of it.

From the internet we discovered that there is a UNESCO GEOPARK inZumaia and a 13 km “Route of Flysch”that stretches from Zumaia to Deba. This walk is one of our main reasons for returning.

After this things get tricky.

Wikipedia says FLYSCH is ” a sequence of sedimentary layers that progress from deep-water and turbidity flow to shallow shale and sandstone.”

Britannica says FLYSCH is

” a sequence of shale rhythmically imbedded with thin graywake like sandstone, subraqueous sediment-laden flows”

geologypage.com says

FLYSCH is ” a sequence of sedimentary rocks that is deposited in a deep marine facies in the foreland of a developing orogen. FLYSCH is typically deposited in the early stage of the oregenesis when the orogen evolves. The foreland basin becomes shallow and molasse is deposited on top of the FLYSCH. It is therefore called a syn-origenic sediment deposited contemporaneously with mountain faulting.

They all agree the tectonic plates shifted between 100 and 60 million years ago and things got upended.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at these. Whatever it is, it is unreal, surreal and beyond beautiful.

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