A Soft Landing in Lekeitio

From April 17 -19 we have been in Lekeitio, an important fishing town on the Bay of Biscay with a fine protected harbor and an even better beach.

We came here by bus which is inexpensive and a great way to see the little towns. It also makes the the 40km stretches with no lodging possible.

After scrambling over the rocks with 12 mile days and 200+ “flights of fitbit stairs, a beach looked good and it was.

Since it was Holy Week school was closed and families were out in force.

One morning the beach was set up for volleyball. It looked like your typical American Saturday morning with kids, dogs, parents and grandparents on the sidelines.

Rowing teams raced around the harbour . Some crews were kids; others were rowers of every age, all pulling and playing together.

Further down the beach there was a race track and a little car was tearing around with sand flying.

Since the tide was low it was also possible to walk across a seaweedy and slippery causeway to an island off the coast. Barnacles on the concrete kept us from slipping into the sea.

Black crabs were too fast for us but many are caught here and we ate our share .

We walked up the river on a local path past long abandoned boat building sheds with rusty railways for launching them.

The path was busy. The young, the old , strollers , dogs runners and us. Everyone was on the move.

And then the tide came in. It was all over. The beach was gone. The people went in. Time for lunch a little wine, a little knitting and a siesta.

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